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Audition Loft is a place where artists can use professional tools to build the portfolio they need to show their best work. Our services include quality self tape sessions, demo reels, website creation, headshot photography, networking and more…

Whether you need a professional self tape for an upcoming audition or want to collate previous works of art, Audition Loft is a place for like-minded artists, both veterans and beginners, who believe in the importance of taking the initiative and always representing themselves in the best light.

“I will be sending actors (to Audition Loft) to tape when I can’t fit them into session for whatever given project I am casting. I also strongly encourage people to use Audition Loft to build their overall reels and on-camera experience. Actors need a place to express themselves and Audition Loft is the place where they can do that with its multi-faceted structure. There is something there for each and every artist.”


Monika Mikkelsen

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